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Xavier High School | Jan. 2021

St. Peter Claver Day

Diversity: An Invitation to Grow in
Compassion and Love

New York, NY

Key note speech delivered to Xavier Freshman class

Excerpt from speech:

To be a part of the 'Beloved Community' we must honor diversity and accept the invitation to engage in conversations aimed at fully understanding the other, on the other’s own terms. Only then can we open our hearts to grow in empathy and compassion. We are challenged to step outside of our own privilege and securities and stretch ourselves to love what is different and embrace our diversity.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish | Dec. 2020

Women's Advent Luncheon Lecture Series

She Who Believes!

Buckingham, PA

Excerpt from presentation:

These women in Scripture readied a way for Jesus in their own lives and affirmed his whole public ministry while he was alive on earth, and so we can take courage this Advent and uphold the stories of the women because they set examples for us and teach us the radical ways we can share our faith with each other, our families, our community, and the world. Jesus is very clear, believe in me and you will have new life he says. Come to me and you will be saved. And, this is the invitation of Advent... go to the Lord with anything and he will say to you, he will say it to you and he says it to us, 'Go, daughter, your faith has saved you. Be at peace.'

St. John's Episcopal Church |  Spring 2018

Chaplaincy Training at The Gubbio Project

Trauma Informed Chaplaincy

San Francisco, CA


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