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NEW! Creating Spaces for Women in the Catholic Church  

Creating Spaces for Women in the Catholic Church presents the struggle of theologically educated lay women with the Catholic Church. The author, a Catholic sister, shares the same struggle but enjoys an incredible network of communal, ministerial, financial, and spiritual support that helps her negotiate the painful experiences in the Church. Lay women lack this support. Yet, lay women valiantly carve out spaces for themselves within the church, though these spaces tend to be small-scale, localized, and temporary. If they move to a new place, they often lose the support they have built for themselves.​

The contributors study alongside male seminarians, serve as hospital chaplains when Catholics always want a priest, prepare queer liturgies to create space for all of God's people, and create a progressive, Chicana domestic church while raising children
. They push beyond the spaces allotted to them. The final chapter, "Giving Voice and Creating Space," explores potential pathways forward for collaboration between sisters and lay women to create a stronger network support for lay women. This book inspires conversation between sisters and lay women so that the vast resources of women religious may be more intentionally shared with lay women.​Interested in reading?

Get your copy HERE!  

***This project was inspired by In Our Own Words: Religious Life in a Changing World.***
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The Just Word

Emerging voices offering inclusive, life-giving, and liberating commentary for those

who preach, teach and outreach to Catholics today.

This is a an amazing resource and it was a fun project for me and my husband to contribute to! 

Stephanie's Piece on the Third Sunday of Easter: Read, Explore, Engage, Embody

Today, we invite you to explore women’s role in Jesus’s revelation, and its connections to women’s ordination; engage Pope Francis’s thoughts on the role of discernment in Catholic Social Teaching; and embody the discernment of women’s ordination with the help of artist Laura James and Father Anne.

To learn more or discuss writing opportunities let's connect >>
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